Racing Game

Do you enjoy betting on a good game of racing? No, this isn’t horse racing, but it’s still a lot of fun. The object of the game is to bet on the winning player; however, you are playing against the computer or other people and there are a lot of surprises and quirks to this game. Before starting the game take the time to see the different options you can choose such as:

Loan Shark
Running low on funds but want to keep playing? You can take out a loan but beware of the payback interests.

Do you want to play a little mean? Here you can purchase chains, steroids and other things to slow down certain players and increase your odds of winning.

Need a sponsor? Here’s where you can purchase a sponsor to increase your winning amounts and help with payments.

Get the insiders information on other racers and what might be slowing them down or speeding them up. The information will cost you, however.

You will need to place a bet to start the game. To place a bet, click on the plus (+) or minus (-) sign in the right hand side of the playing screen. Click on ‘play’ once you have made your bet to get the race started.

Before the race gets underway a box will come up telling you some information about certain players such as one is ‘dragging their feet this morning’ or officials suspect foul play but cannot prove anything and a host of other things. Although you can’t change your bet, it will give you an idea of what might be the expected outcome of the race.

Experiment with all of the different options of this game to really understand it and find the best way to beat your opponents in the races. This is a fun game that offers a lot of unique and interesting options you can use to hinder other racers while increasing your chances of winning.

Platinum Play

Platinum Play is an online gaming site that also belongs to the well-respected “Fortune Lounge Group” who is one of the largest of the online gaming groups providing gamers with safe, secure and fun ways to continue playing online casino games. Platinum Play has been around for quite a while and has several advantages over many other online gambling sites. They have 24 hour customer service every day of the year, including holidays, to help gamers with any questions or concerns they may have.

Platinum Play offers incentives, bonuses and even tournaments for their members. With over 400 games to choose from as well as all of the extras and bonuses, there’s plenty to do to please most any gamer who enjoys a good game of slots or poker. This casino also offers high progressive pots for their players, making the games even more exciting and enticing.

One of the great benefits of Platinum Play is that they have VIP memberships that provide a lot more than just your average little bonus that many online gaming sites give out. VIP members can get special invitations to exclusive tournaments, incentive rewards and earn more in progressive payouts.

Now here’s something you don’t see with most other online gaming sites; Platinum Play really does cater to their members, especially their VIP members. All VIP members receive a dedicated Platinum Play casino host that will look after them and make sure they are doing okay. Not only that, VIP members often get invitations for dinners and special events including holidays and vacations. These events are held all over the world, offering members a chance to explore areas that they may not have been able to before becoming a VIP with Platinum Play. Now, what other online casino offers this much customer devotion?

For members’ convenience, the Platinum Play website is available in several different languages including English, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, French, German and more. There are also several ways to exchange and play with different currencies so that people from all over the world can join in and enjoy.

Another great benefit Platinum Play has is its ‘trial offer’ which allows a new player to join for free and receive 1500 free betting chips. With this free trial they are able to play for free for an entire day using their free 1500 betting chips so that they can get a feel for the games available and how to play before becoming full members.

It’s obvious to see why Platinum Play is one of the favored online gambling casinos. With so many extras and benefits, players are flocking to join this gaming site and enjoying not only the variety of games and the opportunities to win real cash, but also the special perks that come with being a VIP member. Invitations to exclusive jackpot tournaments are a big enticement for many high-rollers, and low rollers as well who like the idea of being ‘singled out’ and especially picked for a certain game. Having a personal casino host is also a great way to make members feel truly valued while also getting invited on world trips for dinners and other events.

Jackpot City

Jackpot City Casino is a great place for online gamers. There is one problem however; if you live in the United States you will not be able to join this site unless you are already a member. Jackpot City Casino offers bonuses for new players, giving them cash for their bank account after they have deposited their funds as well. However, it’s important to understand and read the rules as the matched amount by Jackpot City Casino will not be available immediately; the player will need to play a required amount of games before the matched bonus amount will be available to them.

There are a few ways to download Jackpot City Casino games. Although they offer 113 games for gamers, this particular download can take quite a bit of space and time to do so. A player might want to start off first with the ‘Lite” download that has only a few games and then add games as they go; this way they can get started playing and learning the different games before adding new games.

Jackpot City Casino has 13 different progressive games and tons of slot machine games for slot lovers all over. However, slot machines are not the only games available for players at Jackpot City Casino; there are lots of poker games as well.

A couple of great benefits of Jackpot City Casino include a loyalty program as well as a special bonus payout on progressive wins. The casino has a promotion where they will pay out $5000 on top of the jackpot to any and every jackpot winner! This, obviously, appeals to players all over who enjoy winning even more than just the progressive amount.

As a new player (as long as you are not from the United States since they are not accepting American players right now) you will receive a $100 bonus just for signing up. Again, remember that even though you get this bonus, you will need to make sure to read the rules and regulations as there are some particulars and requirements to meet before you can actually get access to the bonus money.

There are a lot of different types of slot machine games, as well as other games, to choose from for your gambling enjoyment. There are one reel slot machines as well as multiple reels and line betting to test your skills and luck. Some of the slot machine games have bonus rounds and ‘scatters’ which will stop the reel and may help you enter a bonus round to win even more money.

Enjoy a game of roulette? There are several different roulette games available as well. As with regular roulette you can bet on a single number, several numbers, odd or even, borders, corners and more.

While exploring the slot machines, don’t forget about the other poker games available as well. There are plenty of poker and Blackjack games for those who enjoy a nice game of cards using their strategy, skill and luck.

Jackpot City Casino is a great place, especially for those who enjoy slot machine games. They are respectable and their site is secure so that you know your privacy – and money – is safe. With so many games to choose from, any player should have no problem finding just the right games for them.


With so many online gambling sites available, it’s nice to know that Intercasino is going strong and has been since the 90s. Intercasino was one of the first of its kind, pioneering the way for other online casinos to begin building their own. With hundreds of games to choose from, joining and monthly cash bonuses and excellent customer support, Intercasino is definitely a great place to play and win. Let’s not forget that Intercasino has won the “Best Casino Award” for several years, attesting to the fact that it actually is a trustworthy, secure and reliable gaming site for all.

To get started as a member at Intercasino is very simple. A player can choose to either have the downloaded version or the non-downloaded version; however, it is important to note that with the non-downloaded version the player will be missing out on a lot of games, features and potential wins. The process to become a member is simple; fill out the registration form and confirm it via email and you’re done. The next step, of course, is to put money in your account so that you can begin betting.

Downloading the software is easy, even if the player does not have high speed internet the process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes; and, if there are any problems, there is customer support available to help. Intercasino amazingly has toll free numbers for most of the major countries in the world, making it that much easier to get any questions answered or technical support problems solved quickly and efficiently. Email is another way to get in touch with support and their response is relatively quick and efficient.

One of the great aspects of Intercasino is that the player has two options for choosing which game(s) they want to play. The player can choose to look at and pick their games through a ‘like’ menu where the same types of games are listed (such as poker, Blackjack and so forth) or they can browse through the virtual gaming floor which lists all the games as well. One nice advantage about this method is that the tables show how much the progressive is accumulating for different games so that the player can decide if they want to join in a particular game.

There are numerous games and ways of playing the games at Intercasino. For instance, a player can play Blackjack at a table that is also occupied by others. Betting ranges depending upon the game the players choose and can range from low to high rollers; so there is something for everyone no matter their skill level or financial limitations. There is even a Millionaire’s Club Jackpot available that ranges in money amounts depending upon what is going on with the game and how many bets have accumulated; however, this jackpot has been known to be worth over two million dollars on several occasions.

Intercasino has some interesting slot machines too; adding to the fun and funny atmosphere. Some of the slot machines are traditional while others are based on Marvel characters such as the Incredible Hulk. And many of the games have bonus rounds when you win a spin to help you win even more money.

All in all, Intercasino is one of the best gaming sites available with a long history of good reputation, fast payouts and security for their players.

Flash Elf Blackjack

Enjoy playing Blackjack against the dealer which is an elf while a penguin walks around serving drinks. This is a fun and funny game for beginners and advanced players alike. The objective of this game is to come extremely close to the magic figure 21 without actually going over (or ‘busting’) while at the same time beating the elf dealer’s hand.

A bet must be placed to start the game. To place a bet for each hand, simply click on the dollar amount chip at the bottom middle of the playing screen and your chip will automatically be placed upon the table. When you are satisfied with your betting amount, click on ‘Deal’ to get your cards. You will be able to see both of your cards as well as how much they total; however, you will only see one of the elf dealer’s cards so be prepared to use strategy when choosing if to hit or stay.

At the beginning of the game you are given a choice as to how many decks of cards you want to play with. Whichever deck amount you choose, you will notice that it will tell you what the dealer has to hit and stand on as each deck amount is different. For example, if you choose to play with four decks then the dealer has to stay on 17 but has to hit on anything below 17.

A great little trick in this game is that you can use ‘Card ESP’ to get an idea of what the dealer may have for the card that is not revealed. If you use Card ESP it will give you three different options and one of them will be what the dealer has unrevealed.

There are a lot of other options with Flash Elf Blackjack as well; however, for some of these you must become a paying member. Card ESP is available for free members, so explore and test your strategy against the elf.