June 6, 2017 0 By Dario

With so many online gambling sites available, it’s nice to know that Intercasino is going strong and has been since the 90s. Intercasino was one of the first of its kind, pioneering the way for other online casinos to begin building their own. With hundreds of games to choose from, joining and monthly cash bonuses and excellent customer support, Intercasino is definitely a great place to play and win. Let’s not forget that Intercasino has won the “Best Casino Award” for several years, attesting to the fact that it actually is a trustworthy, secure and reliable gaming site for all.

To get started as a member at Intercasino is very simple. A player can choose to either have the downloaded version or the non-downloaded version; however, it is important to note that with the non-downloaded version the player will be missing out on a lot of games, features and potential wins. The process to become a member is simple; fill out the registration form and confirm it via email and you’re done. The next step, of course, is to put money in your account so that you can begin betting.

Downloading the software is easy, even if the player does not have high speed internet the process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes; and, if there are any problems, there is customer support available to help. Intercasino amazingly has toll free numbers for most of the major countries in the world, making it that much easier to get any questions answered or technical support problems solved quickly and efficiently. Email is another way to get in touch with support and their response is relatively quick and efficient.

One of the great aspects of Intercasino is that the player has two options for choosing which game(s) they want to play. The player can choose to look at and pick their games through a ‘like’ menu where the same types of games are listed (such as poker, Blackjack and so forth) or they can browse through the virtual gaming floor which lists all the games as well. One nice advantage about this method is that the tables show how much the progressive is accumulating for different games so that the player can decide if they want to join in a particular game.

There are numerous games and ways of playing the games at Intercasino. For instance, a player can play Blackjack at a table that is also occupied by others. Betting ranges depending upon the game the players choose and can range from low to high rollers; so there is something for everyone no matter their skill level or financial limitations. There is even a Millionaire’s Club Jackpot available that ranges in money amounts depending upon what is going on with the game and how many bets have accumulated; however, this jackpot has been known to be worth over two million dollars on several occasions.

Intercasino has some interesting slot machines too; adding to the fun and funny atmosphere. Some of the slot machines are traditional while others are based on Marvel characters such as the Incredible Hulk. And many of the games have bonus rounds when you win a spin to help you win even more money.

All in all, Intercasino is one of the best gaming sites available with a long history of good reputation, fast payouts and security for their players.